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true kings have no messiah

is still a fool, merely a fool with conviction

My name is Sofia, I’m eighteen years old and I am a comic book junkie. I like X MEN, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, and Sailor Moon. But most of all, I like badass girls and characters who are significantly interesting to me for whatever reason. I tend to be on the ominous side, so my mood swings may vary but rest assured, I will always love and worship Elena Gilbert. I’m a huge Hope Summers fan - don’t ask why - I spontaneously started liking her one day and that manifested itself into pure, psychotic fangirling; Eddie Brock has been my favorite male character since I was about six, when I picked up The Lethal Protector for the first time.
I like lots of other things too (things that are in my tags tag, that I won’t bother to mention because well, that’s why I made the tag… Although talking about them here took more time than making the ACTUAL list) and my ships are pretty standard; beware, I do not multiship.

I also love mangoes.